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Assistant Professor of Psychology
Briercrest College and Seminary

Dr. Chiang completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at UCL and continued a post-doctoral training at UCL, too. His training and teaching lie in the scope of Experimental Psychology. The courses he has taught include Biopsychology, Sexual Differences in Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Sensation and Perception, Behavioural Modification and Learning, Experimental Design, Research Methods, Statistics, and Introduction to Psychology.

Dr. Chiang worked in several countries renowned for their cultural diversity. Some of students were mature and had work experience. It makes his teaching style close to the connected curriculum, linking knowledge and concepts to students’ and environment, as well as his research being a part of teaching material. His teaching focuses on the true understanding of concepts, not just superficial definitions and memorization. Dr. Chiang likes to stimulate students’ thinking and encourage discussion in class. He will adjust teaching paces in due course, depending on students’ learning progress. In assessment, Dr. Chiang focuses on the learning progress with multiple assignments in different formats.

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