The Association of Asian/North American Theological Educators seeks to develop and promote Asian/North American scholarship and leadership in theological education, in collaboration with Asian counterparts.

As an association of theological educators and scholars in academic institutions and faith communities that promote and advance Asian/North American legacy and heritage, we seek:

  1. To cultivate sustaining collaboration among Asian/North American theological networks, associations, and faith communities;
  2. To foster scholarly interchange among various Asian/North American centers, associations and networks with Asian theological counterparts;
  3. To develop new leadership and programmatic activities for the advancement of Asian/North American theological legacy and heritage;
  4. To provide academic resources to theological institutions in North America and Asia regarding Asian/North American theological scholarship, cultural-religious traditions, and cultural-religious practices;
  5. To create forums for conversation and publications for the advancement of Asian/North American theological discourse, theological/religious pedagogies, and cultural-religious studies for the purpose of expanding the repertoires and the transformation of  North American theological education in the twenty-first century.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of AANATE?

AANATE does not have an official membership process. AANATE is a convening body for Asian and Asian North American Theological Educators. If you identity as an Asian, Asian North American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Theological Educator, we want to connect with you through this database and at any of our in person events. 

How did your information land on the AANATE database?

AANATE worked with ATS to pull together already public institutional information from Asian and Asian North American identifying scholars. All the information in our database is already public on institutional websites. If you wish to add additional information please contact us. 

How do I submit/edit/delete my information on this website?

Please email with your request for adding or deleting information.

Who or what financially support(s) AANATE and this website?

AANATE is funded through grants and donations. FTESEA provided a grant to start and shape this database.

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