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Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Director, Asia Project
Jesuit School of Theology - Berkeley Campus

As Associate Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology at JST, Professor Tran teaches core courses in systematic theology and interreligious studies. His teaching interests include ecclesiology, missiology, theology of religions, interreligious dialogue between Christianity and East Asian religions, theological anthropology, comparative theology, Asian theologies and Christianities, Jesuit mission in East Asia and healthcare ethics. Professor Tran's research interests involve ecumenism, intercultural dialogue, comparative religion/theology, Asian theology and Christian missions in Asia.
Cross-trained in various fields from electrical engineering to medical ethics to theology, Professor Tran enjoys "being a bridge for students and colleagues from various academic fields, cultures, institutions and religions."

More information about Professor Tran is available in a December 2013 article featured on NJN's "Jesuits at Frontiers": Father Anh Tran, SJ: Interreligious Dialogue and the Search for Mutual Understanding.

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