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Assistant Teaching Professor
Georgetown University

Min-Ah Cho is a scholar of Constructive theology and Christian Spirituality. Critically engaging feminist and postcolonial theories, the Christian mystical tradition, and Asian/Asian American religion and spirituality, Cho’s research focuses on the forms of conflict, negotiation, and reconciliation between the spirituality of Christian individuals — particularly the vulnerable and excluded — and the public and institutional representation of religion and theology. She is passionate about exploring how new and innovative theological languages, spiritual expressions, metaphors, works of art, and actions emerge from the various life contexts of Christian individuals in their relationship with the public sphere and the institutional Church. Her greatest desire as a scholar and teacher is to bridge gaps between different cultures and to promote communication among people with different points of view. As a native of South Korea who has been educated in American institutions and as a theologian who has received training in both Protestant and Roman Catholic traditions, her experience sharpens her sensitivity to the various forms of human diversity and shapes her teaching philosophy. She encourages students to reach out to those on the margins, to listen to their stories, and to make themselves available to others. Before joining the faculty at Georgetown University in 2019, Cho taught at St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN (2011-2015) and Manhattan College, the Bronx, NY (2018-2019).

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