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Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Tyndale University

Yau Man Siew is Associate Professor of Practical Theology at Tyndale Seminary of Tyndale University, where he leads the Christian Education & Discipleship and Youth & Family Ministry majors. He has taught at Tyndale since 2001, and was preaching-teaching pastor (part-time) in Toronto (2000-07). Yau Man was Visiting Scholar at the OISE/University of Toronto (2000-01) and Teachers College, Columbia University (2008-09). In 2008, he received a Louisville Institute Pastoral Leadership Grant of US$40,000 looking at pastor as shepherd-teacher. In 2021, he was co-lead researcher in “Pathways and Flourishing of Women in Ministry,” supported by part of a Lilly Grant of US$50,000 awarded to Tyndale University. Yau Man’s life mission is to nurture educational leaders for discipleship and missional church. He has book chapters, with peer reviewed articles in Christian Education Journal, Theological Education, Reflective Practice, Asia Journal of Theology and Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education. Yau Man is a member of The Society of Pastoral Theology and Religious Education Association.

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