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Professor of Church History
Director, Jonathan Edwards Center
Gateway Seminary

Dr. Chris Chun’s doctoral research at St. Andrews Universitywas focused on the eighteenth century Edwardsean Baptists in Britain. His Th.M.thesis at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary examined the relationship betweenJonathan Edwards’s epistemology and pneumatology.He is the author of Legacy ofJonathan Edwards in the Theology of Andrew Fuller and co-author of Golden Gateto Gateway: A History (published for the 75th anniversary). Chris is co-editorof Expect Great Things, Attempt Great Things: William Carey & AdoniramJudson, Mission Pioneers and Regeneration, Revival, and Creation (JEC inauguralconference volume). He has contributed chapters in Baptists and Revivals,Jonathan Edwards and Scotland, Crossing Baptist Boundaries, and Understanding JonathanEdwards: An Introduction to America’s Theologian as well as having beenpublished in a variety of journals, including The Southern Baptist Journal ofTheology, American Baptist Quarterly, Journal of Baptist Studies, Journal ofEighteenth-Century Studies, International Journal of Systematic Theology,Themelios, Edwardseana and Church History and Religious Culture.Chris is thedirector of Jonathan Edwards Center at Gateway Seminary and served as presidentof The Evangelical Theological Society (Far West Region) and is one of theeditors for a forthcoming critical edition of The Works of Andrew Fuller.Chrisis an ordained SBC pastor and a frequent speaker at churches, seminars, andretreats. He and his wife, Juliann, have two daughters, Karis and Chloe.

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