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PhD of Peking University. Former professor and church elder. Research areas are Reformation and the history of modern theological thoughts. The teaching courses include "History of Christian Thought", "History of the Christian Church", "Systematic Theology", "Selected Readings of Christian Classics", and "Theology of Spirituality". The published works include The Single Individual (2004), Introduction to Bible, Beijing (2005),Towards the Way of the Sanctifying: On Calvin’s Institute (2015) Visiting scholar in Regent College of Canada, in ISCS of HK, in University of Helsinki, and in Calvin College.


曾任大學教師及教會長老主要研究領域為宗教改革以及現代神學思想史;主要教授的課程有“基督教思想史”,“基督教會史”,“現在神學專題” ,“基督教經典選讀”,“靈修神學”等課程. 出版的著作有:《個體的人:祁克果的基督教生存論思想》,《聖經導讀》,《轉向:走在成聖的路上》,《拾級靈脩三階》。


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