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The Acting Chancellor
Director, Jonathan Edwards Center Korea
PhD Research Scholar, Yale University
Edwards University

Dr. Peter Boohong Jung is a renowned scholar and educator with a deep passion for the life and work of theologian Jonathan Edwards. Dr. Jung’s impressive background encompasses ministry, teaching, and extensive research, making him a valuable asset to the academic community. His academic journey began in Korea, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology and a Master of Divinity. His pursuit of knowledge continued at Drew University and Yale Divinity School, culminating in a Ph.D. from the University of the Free State, South Africa. His doctoral dissertation focused on Jonathan Edwards and his engagement with New England Arminianism, showcasing his early interest in Edwards' theology.

His leadership extends beyond academia. He is the Founding Chancellor of Edwards University and Jonathan Edwards Seminary, institutions dedicated to furthering theological education. He also established the Jonathan Edwards Center Korea, affiliated with the prestigious Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. These endeavors demonstrate his commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of Edwards' thought.

His passion for Edwards extends to his teaching. He has served as a professor at various institutions, offering courses on Edwards' life and thought, systematic theology, and American church history. His research interests delve into diverse areas related to Edwards, including philosophy, theology, and the intellectual history of New England.

His dedication to scholarship is evident in his numerous publications. He has edited and translated works by Edwards, authored books on Edwards' life and theology, and contributed articles to academic journals. He has also actively participated in conferences and presented his research findings to a wider audience. His ability to translate Korean texts into English and vice versa allows him to bridge the gap between Korean and Western scholarship on Edwards. This fluency fosters a more global understanding of Edwards' theological legacy.


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