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Associate Professor
King's University College-Western University

Some major academic interests I have at present are: (1) Christianity’s founder, Jesus: What’s the history behind this figure? How has he been understood in history?; (2) the early Christian movement – its history and literature; (3) the study of our contemporary context of globalization in which different cultural and religious worlds encounter and mix (I refer to this as “hybridity”) and what that situation may mean for the future.

In my 2012 book How Immigrant Christians Living in Mixed Cultures Interpret Their Religion: Asian-American Diasporic Hybridity and Its Implications for Hermeneutics, I described how the experience of being simultaneously situated in different worlds (hybridity) influences how one interprets one’s religious traditions. There, I also expressed the conviction that such hybridity, which is becoming increasingly common in a globalized world, is actually an important key in making religions less toxic and exclusionary and more inclusive and committed to peace.

Since coming to King’s in 2007, I have applied these insights more specifically to the New Testament and to other theological themes. These efforts have borne fruit in my recent book entitled Religious Language and Asian American Hybridity (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

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