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Associate Professor of Church Histories and Historical Theology
Eden Theological Seminary

Henry Kuo began teaching at Eden Theological Seminary in 2024 as associate professor of church histories and historical theology. In addition to his seminary teaching, he is involved with ecumenical and inter-national initiatives, most recently with the World Communion of Reformed Churches as the moderator of the Ecumenical and Interreligious Working Group for the 2025 General Council and as Dean of the Global Institute of Theology for 2025. From 2020-2024, he taught at Greensboro College (Greensboro, NC) as associate professor of theology and ethics. In that capacity, he has taught undergraduate courses in Bible, Christian ethics, business ethics, and graduate courses in systematic and constructive theologies, theological ethics, and church history. He was also involved with the Honors program at Greensboro College as a director while also co-teaching a great texts seminar on world literature from 350 BCE to 1600 CE. He received his Ph.D. in systematic and philosophical theology from the Graduate Theological Union in 2019 with a doctoral dissertation on Reformed ecclesiology, specifically focusing on deconstructing Reformed catholicity. Outside of Reformed ecclesiology, Henry has published articles on theology and ethics in journals such as Reformed World, Ecclesiology, Global Perspectives, Moral Philosophy and Politics, Journal of Religion and Business Ethics, and others. His other research foci include theological and ethical engagements with business and economics, theology and Confucian philosophies, Asian American histories and theologies, and local church histories.

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