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City Seminary of New York

Maria Liu Wong, EdD, is an educator and researcher in adult learning, leadership, and urban theological education, and holds graduate degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, and Westminster Theological Seminary. She is currently the Provost of City Seminary of New York, where she co-directs the Ministry in the City Hub and the Walls-Ortiz Gallery and Center. Maria is also a Senior Fellow with the "Theological Education Between the Times" project. Her research interests include lifelong and transformative learning, learning cities, mentoring, action research, women and leadership, diversity, place and arts-based pedagogies, youth and urban theological education. She is co-author of Stay in the City: How Christian Faith is Flourishing in an Urban World (Eerdmans). Forthcoming books include Sense the City and On Becoming Wise Together: Learning and Leading in the City. She is a member of and fellowship group leader at Redeemer Presbyterian Church Downtown in New York.

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