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Associate Professor of Practical Theology & Contextual Ministry Education
Director of Korean Missional Church Programs
Central Seminary

I teach courses mainly in the field of pastoral care and counseling and oversee Korean Programs at Central Seminary.

As Associate Professor of Practical Theology and Contextualized Ministry Education, I teach a wide range of areas from pastoral care and counseling, practical theology, spiritual formation, ministry ethics, coaching, and conflict transformation. My main focus in teaching is to help students find their meanings and purposes of life and what God calls them to do. I invest my energy in listening to students’ stories and helping them walk on their personal, relational, spiritual, and/or educational journeys by using my gifts of empathy, teaching, counseling, and administration to help the students to grow. In the Christian Care and Counseling program, I help students serve people in need and suffering with an integrative approach to counseling and theology. Solution-focused counseling is my favorite counseling modality.

In addition, as Director of Korean Missional Church Programs, I oversee ten local teaching sites and cooperate with more than fifty professors at the sites. Korean students and faculty come from different denominations and theological backgrounds. Since Central provides a wide and flexible nest to nurture future leaders, I, as the director, make every effort to embrace a range of students with open arms to facilitate a just and peaceful dialogue among many diverse views. I also use my creative and entrepreneurial spirit to develop new sites, including locations overseas.

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