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Assistant Director of Academics (Assistant Academic Dean)
Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology
America Evangelical University Graduate School of Theology

Rev. Shin is an ordained pastor of the PCK (The Presbyterian Church of Korea) and a PhD candidate at Fuller, who is going to graduate in Spring 2020. His dissertation is on the topic of natural and cosmic theodicy and redemptive divine action in a Trinitarian panentheistic framework of creation. This is interdisciplinary as it seeks to present a mutually fruitful dialogue between natural science and theology. His wife is, also, an ordained pastor of the same denomination, and they are parents to two energetic and beautiful girls.

Rev. Shin has published journal articles in *The Evangelical Review of Theology and Politics* as well as *Pneuma*. He is currently seeking to publish his dissertation. He also won the prize at the paper competition of the AAR Western Region in 2016 and the second prize at the essay contest held by The Center for Pastor Theologians in 2018. He has presented his papers at other conferences, including the International Analytic Theology Summer Seminary and Conference (2017) fully funded by *John Templeton Foundation*.

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