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Visiting Instructor of Old Testament
Union Presbyterian Seminary

Almond Ka Kwan, Sin’s research interests are in the areas of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel. Her dissertation focuses on Primordial Women and Their Afterlives. She has published “Religious Hybridity: East Asian Artistic Motifs in Islamic Portrayals of Adam and Eve” in the Bible in the Arts of Deutsche Bibel Gesellschaft. Her conference presentations include “Religious Symbolism of Noah’s Ark Imagery between Twelfth and Fifteenth Century” (Nov 2019), “From Pious to Profane: Changing Interpretations of The Wife of Noah from Early Judeo Christian to Islamic Literature” (Jul 2019), “Psalm 49 Enigma of Life and Death in Poetic Performances” (Nov 2018), “Cultural Hybridity Revisited: Genesis in Islamic Religious Art during the Mongols” (Jul 2018) and “Job 26:5-14 – A Doxology Unveiling Job’s Theological Self-Estrangement” (Apr 2017). Sin speaks several languages, including Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and German. She also has fluency in Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, Classical Syriac, Quranic Arabic, Ugaritic, Akkadian, Middle Egyptian, Koine Greek, Latin, and French.

Professor Sin comes to Union from Vanderbilt University where she is a Doctor of Philosophy candidate and has served as a course instructor in Biblical Hebrew. She also has taught at Taiwanese/American Fellowship Presbyterian Church in New Brunswick, NJ, during her study at Princeton Theological Seminary. Prior to her study in the United States, Sin served as a pastor in the Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church in Hong Kong.

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